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o'clock hour. you can see the radar picking up snow. it is saying it is cold enough with enough moisture for snow on skyline boulevard around 17 and, also, highway nine above 2,000 feet we expect the accumulating snow to develop. the entire scope of the bay area shows that is the only air getting wet weather except half moon bay and points south and coming out 17 and headed through los gatos and campbell and toward, say, the southern section of san jose that is where we are seeing the light rain. it passed through mountain view and cupertino and sunnyvale and you are in the clear for now. headed through time, this stream is going to continue through the morning hours so if you live near the coast you have the best chance of wet weather and snow at 2,000 feet as we head into the afternoon hours this stream will dry up so we are going
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through the worst of the wet weather right now until noon. >> light in san jose. good morning, everyone, happy thursday, we call it "little friday" around here. northbound 87, headlights headed beyond the pavilion with light conditions and no problems. we have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge and san mateo not yet but there are a few brake lights and the headlights headed to hayward which is a good drive on the bridge. road work eastbound four leveraged until 6:00 this morning, and westbound, the commute direction is still looking like a nice drive to pittsburg and concord. all mass transit is on time. eric? >> federal investigators have a new lead to follow in the crash of an oil tanker into a bay bridge tower. they will check reports of a glitch in a radar system that
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shifts maneuvers in the bay. >> the coast guard is looking into whether the radar equipment was working on the bay on monday when the ship out there, the "overseas raymar" ship the tower of the bay bridge on monday morning. this are still pictures of the damage done to the fenders of the business of the tower west of yerba buena island. the coast guard bulletin sent on tuesday says this could have been a radar malfunction in the beacons that guide the ships between the towers and the coast guard says it is not certain which beacons were on the blink and cal tran which oversees the radar says the main beacon was working fine. they are also saying that the fenders of the base of the tower were working fine. >> no structural damage to the bay bridge as a result and we will not have to do work on the bridge other than to repair the collision with the fender
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system. >> that was the spokesman for cal tran. the metropolitan transportation committee says dam could -- damage could be $3 million on the fenders of the bridge because the damage in the still pictures provided by the metropolitan transportation committee show the damage above the water obviously but there is damage below the water. it takes spend quip mit and it is not easy to access so you could be talking $2 million or $3 million in damage. >> thank you very much. a mother who waited 24 years for news of her missing daughter will have to wait even longer. d.n.a. testing on bone fragments found proved they are not the remains of macalla kidnapped in 1998 when she was nine. authorities found human bone fragments while sending a well
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used by the speed frequent killers in the town of linden but they did not match her profile. the mother felt a wave of relief. >> in all the months they have spent conducting the tests, i have not run around saying, hurry, hurry, i want to know the answers because a large part is not sure i could deal with the answers if i found out she has been killed. >> the family must now shift gears again back to hoping that he is still alive like they have been doing for 24 years. >> police have arrested a 70-year-old man for killing his mother. he called them yesterday morning to turn himself in when they got to the home they found his 89-year-old mother's body. he has been booked on murder charges. he has a criminal history. in 1966 he pleaded guilty to kidnapping, raping and murdering two teenage girls. >> plaque honoring 15 local
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vietnam war veterans has been stolen. the plaque is 25" wide and 30" long and been in the park since the mid-1970's. veterans groups say they are mobilizing to raise funds to replace the black. >> hospitals in every state are dealing with a flood of flu patients and one city has declared a state of emergency. >> doctors are calling it the fiercest outbreak in a decade of the flu strain which started in october rather than january is hitting now 2,200 people. >> this is a public health emergency in the city of boston. >> boston, massachusetts, is seeing unprecedented levels of patients who have to wait 24 hours to be admitted. in pennsylvania a hospital set up a tent outside the emergency room to deal with the flu
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patients. it is not better in chicago where overwhelmed hospitals diverted patients to less crowded hospitals and in minnesota they have 1,000 confirmed flu cases. >> stay home when you are sick. >> 18 children have died from the flu including a six-year-old in dallas who was sent home from the hospital with a tylenol and never woke up. want to check on her. she was gone. >> on the first day a patient showed symptom the first sign of the fever up to 104 and even 1306. by day three expect sore throat and dry cough. by day seven, infected person is no longer contagious but symptoms such as coughing can last if -- for weeks. the only way to prevent death is to get vaccinated.
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>> about 5:08. most the big stars in hollywood are up early or getting an early call. in half an hour nominations for the 85th academy awards are announced live in beverly hills. the hosts, seth macfarlane and emma stone will announce the nominations. there are great movies to be chosen in the "best picture" including "argo" and "lincoln" and "zero dark 30." we will bring them to you like and stream them live at and you can see would wins on sunday february 24 when they are announced live on abc7. >> you can guess who i am rooting for? >> les miz. >> it will be a lot of fun. stick with us of the don't go away. you will want to hear the weather forecast. >> mike is singing the blues
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about the temperatures. >> it is cold enough for snow. check out the winter weather advisory in the santa cruz mountains. scotts valley, los gatos, the higher elevations near portola valley, this is above 2,000' shaded in white in white we could get 1" to 2" of snow. skyline boulevard could be dangerous this morning anderly -- and early afternoon. radar is showing there is snow that is dissipating but we have more upstream. this could head to the santa cruz mountains and give you the light snow that could add up to 1 to 2". the best showers is long the coast this morning. this afternoon, the showers will
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fade and the temperatures will be cold. we will be in the mid-to-upper 40's for the better part of the afternoon and then a chance of showers and temperatures back in the 30's and low 40's for evening. have a heavy coat. tomorrow we are dry between systems and low 50's and showers are possible saturday through sunday morning. be careful. here is sue. >> we have chain requirements on highway 80 from baxter to statebehind and on 50. closer to home, the eastshore freeway is moving nicely to macarthur maze with road work in both directions eastbound with the tail lights and westbound are the headlights and that will be picked up by new but there could be a slow-and-go residual. out of san rafael we have nice traffic flow beyond lucas valley road and to central san rafael and light traffic over the golden gate bridge with early
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road work northbound which has been picked up and four lanes for the south commute with no fog or worries right now. eastbound dumb barton bridge road work until 6:00 this morning and if you travel to san jose southbound 880, you can expect lane closings until 7:00 this morning and that is because of road work. the the big drive times, west out of antioch, and east sure freeway 20 minutes into macarthur maze from the carquinez bridge. >> northern california could be losing one of their sports teams, the kings. >> two mother days to the 49ers and packers playoff game. the cost of the ticket could surprise you. >> so listen to america's money report this morning. >> good morning, topping america's money new consumer
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protections to make sure homeowners can afor -- afford mortgages with limits on interest only limits and stricter rules forcing banks to verify borrowing income. a.i.g. decided not to the sue the government over the bailout of the government saying they got too little taxpayer money getting $182 billion in 2008. >> welcome news for the half of homes that heat with natural gas, prices have been plunging 7 percent in nine days with the trend expected to continue. >> jack lew will not be nominate ed for secretary of penmanship so the new signature could come to your
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>> fremont, palo alto and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. the embarcardero, san francisco, ferry building, gorgeous shot. no action for you expected here in san francisco. mike nicco is checking out would might be seeing some showers in the next few hours and maybe a little snow. he will check out live doppler 7 hd for you coming up.
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>> the accreditation of city college in san francisco is on the line. officials need more time for a report. drastic changes are needed to keep their accreditation or the school loses federal funding and may have to close. a trustee says they may not have enough time to comply with 14 recommendations by the march 15 deadline. the school is seeking to extend the deadline to offer the report. >> the kings may move to seattle in a $500 million deal. yahoo is reporting they would sell to san francisco-based investor and someone from microsoft. seattle lost the sonics when they moved to oklahoma city and johnson used to play in the nba the. >> the cheapest seats to the niner game going down in price
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surprisingly starting at $169 down $30 a ticket since monday. the most expensive ticket is $5,500 and the game against green bay kicks off at 5:00 this sort at candlestick park. the bear area is buzzing with playoff fever. we want to see your team pride, mail your photos to us and we will post them at and show as many as we can on the air. >> what will the game time be like? >> wet. very light. scattered showers we talked about yesterday are there 24 hours later. it could be really, really light. we will keep an eye open it. it could make the game interesting. outside, we do have interesting weather here. from the east bay hills camera toward emeryville and san francisco it looks quiet.
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the live doppler 7 hd which we have not zoomed in on the santa cruz mountains if you see this black line that is the difference between santa clara county to the east and santa cruz county to the west and south, you can see along there, near summit road, that is where we are showing the best chance of snow falling. and to the north of there, a healthy cell between 84 to cloverdal. boulevard where we are seeing a better chance of measurable rain and if it gets to the mountains around 2,000 feet that could be chance the snow. you can see waves waiting like planes on a tarmac headed to the santa cruz mountain so you have a winter weather advisory for snow until 1:00 o'clock. this morning we had showers hug the north bay coast but now you can see the drifting of those
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out to the ocean and that is going to be the lay as we head into the afternoon. the air mass will get dry but the path will start to lift further to the coast. our only freezing temperatures at reporting stations in santa rosa and napa at 32. most of us in the mid-30's to 40's and above 2,000 feet that is where you find the cold air. the air is cold you can see when you look at the clouds and radar returns behind the cold front. that is straight instability, showers cold air over warm water creating the instability needed. at 7:00, you can see the pattern persists with the radar runs pulling away from the coast. here you can see over the ocean during the afternoon, evening, and overnight hours and through tomorrow, because they are out over there, tomorrow morning we are going to have frigid temperatures develop in the north bay valley, you are under
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a freeze warning for temperatures in the mid-they up upper20. there are light amounts of whatever showers will hang around, and away from the coast everyone in san francisco, the two areas where we will not see frosty temperatures tonight. we are in the upper 40's today. low 50 tomorrow. another chance of frost on saturday morning and a chance of showers saturday evening and then it is dry and warmer. >> we have a car fire warming things up in the castro valley area west 580, off of the lane on the shoulder with no significant slowing. traffic is getting by nicely. from the central valley we are seeing yellow sensors over the pass and at tracy and it picks up between dublin/pleasanton and livermore and looking at 20
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minute from the pass to pleasanton and highway 24 to the tunnel less than ten minutes. and south 101 to novato under 20 minutes. a like look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is getting busy to foster city and eastbound is looking nice to hayward and the toll plaza is light here. kristen and eric? >> tonight is the first chance to see the bay lights art installation on the bay bridge. crews will flip the switch and turn on the lights they have been installing in a test. you can see the l.e.d. lights, dancing in a controlled sequence and drivers cannot see it for obvious safety reasons with no time set for the test run but keep it here where we watching
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it. >> coming up, the monopoly ultimatum you can divide which token is forceed in exile. >> and someone reported a lion on the loose to 911. >> today at 3:00 on katie incredible medical mysteries, young women who have beaten insurmountable odds.
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>> welcome back at 5:24. mike nicco, our meteorologist, is checking out where you could see the snow now.
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>> the snow is the key, whether you are going to see it. the radar shows it is there but that does not mean it is snowing in every area, so in the santa cruz mountains, the radar is picking up the potential for snow. we have showers developing along the coast. it is snowing in the grapevine and they are escorting people through. that is going to continue probably through the better part of today. be careful if you are headed that way. if you are headed toward the sierra the snow showers are taper but you need chains on 50 and 80 so be prepared if that. 24 in tahoe, 31 in yosemite. scattered showers along the coast. big sur is 51. dry headed to los angeles and palm springs mid-50's to 60. >> we have an accident, a major car fire fully engulfed in castro valley area westbound 580 at castro valley boulevard the
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right lane is blocked. road work southbound 880 until 7:00 this morning with minor slowing there. and san rafael on 101 out of novato is looking good. >> monopoly is retiring one of their tokens and it is up to the fans to decide which gets the a and which the new tokens takes its place including a robot, diamond ring, helicopter, and guitar. the wheelbarrow is likely to be the one this goes. if you want to vote we have theness on our website at you can let us know which you think should be eliminated. on facebook you can vote as well. >> i voted to boot the thimble authorities in virginia reported
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a call about a lion being spotted but it was a dog that was shaked to look like a lion. it is not the first 9-1-1 call, he has been mistaken for a lion before. what is the point, right? it is part retriever and part poodle. >> that would be the small of the lion, ever. >> great news this morning for "good morning america" fans and the abc news family. robin roberts blogs positive news from the doctors as she recovered from bone marrow transplant. the doctors are "extremely pleased" with the recovery and she is getting stronger each day. in the coming days on "good morning america" we will give you details about my return. i am excited. thank you for your patience and prayers. she finished with "all will be serene in 2013." >> just ahead, governor brown will announce his budget plan if
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the year. we will tell you what is his highest priority. >> man who killed an intruder learns from police he may have been the victim
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> 5:30 on thursday. thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. i am eric thomas. as you said "baby it's cold outside." >> you are not spared this time. mine, how cold is it? >> running in the 30's and 40's, the coldest of the way not here yet. that is tonight and tomorrow. this morning we get an appetizer of what will hit us. santa cruz mountains have winter weather advisory until 1:00 o'clock, with 1 or 2" of snow
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above 2,000 feet. it is not a steady snow but showers. they will come in and then move away. we are in between one of the bursts of snow. upstream we have more lining up to move in. >> fire happening now on the right lane westbound 580 castro valley boulevard. you can see some of the yellow through the area so we are seeing slow traffic with emergency crews on the scene to put that out. the drive times 92, san mateo bridge under 15 minutes and 280 from 101 to 92 at 20 minutes and 80 westbound the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze is moving nicely and this is a stretch between golden gate and macarthur maze at the limit and the bay bridge toll plaza is light. kristen and eric? >> it is 5:31. federal investigators are looking at bay bridge safety equipment after a tanker slammed into a tower and agents are
5:31 am
working with cal tran to determine if radar equipment was working properly at the time of the crash the a coast guard bulletin says there may have been a malfunction in the radar system when the "overseas raymar" scraped the business of the tower near treasure island. the system was funding properly on monday according to cal tran. more on story next half hour. >> governor brown will announce the budget if the new fiscal year today the first spending plan since the tax hike pressure for education. he will ask for $2 billion in cuts to balance a general fund of $90 billion. it is a far cry from the $25 billion in cuts he had to make after taking office two years ago. and $16 billion in cuts a year ago. the additional $6 billion a year in tax revenue for education will allow brown to propose sending more money to poor school districts and allowing other districts more spending
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nextibility. >> there are questions about the reliability of the new 78 dreamliner jet as it prepares for flight out of san jose airport tomorrow. they have had a stream of problems all week and a flight was canceled yesterday in japan because of a message that indicated a brake problem of the on tuesday another splashed 40 gallons of jet fuel on a runway at logan international airport in bought before take off. on monday, again in boston, a difficulty japan airlines dream liner experienced a battery fire. boeing says they have extreme confidence in the new plane and so do flight safety consultants. >> ing in is in common in the three events or a serious event. we cannot blame the airplane for a battery. you will say, who manufactures that battery?
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>> the flight safety consultant says with new planes it takes time to work out the bugs. >> the man miss say lit a woman on fire in san francisco bay you have district will be arraigned today. the 22-year-old was arrested on monday night in oakland for the attack on starr lamare. oliver faces charges of attempted murder and arson after he doused starr lamare with gas and set her on fire. witnesses say the two were arguing outside a laundromat before the attack. starr lamare is expected to survive. she will face months in the hospital recovering from she vary buns. >> bizarre case in pittsburg involving a cheating wife, burglary and homicide has fur people facing murder conspiracy charges. charmaine taijeron and two brothers and another are held on $1 million bail. charmaine taijeron's husband stabbed an inintruder during a break in but police say she was having an affair with matt
5:34 am
packer and the the break in was a plot to get her husband to leave the apartment. >> his wife was angered because he was reconsidering and she plotted a burglary with her boyfriend. >> charmaine taijeron's husband was not injured and now moved out of the apartment with the two children. >> the violence task force headed by biden is holding a second round of meeting at white house that which yous the national rifle association and other gun rights groups. leaders in the gaming industry are expected to attend along with walmart the largest gun retailer. biden met with gun control advocates and victims. they are looking for new ideas on cubbing gun violence in the wake of mass shootings. >> 23 would be a nice temperature to have. >> in some places.
5:35 am
we will find out where. mike nicco is checking the forecast. >> we will look at live doppler 7 hd. 236, this is a shower moving over there and temperatures could make it turn to snow. the temperatures could make it likely for snow. watch out for that possibility. half moon bay, you have another shower moving your way so expect wet weather the next couple of minutes and this will continue headed to the southeast so santa cruz mountains are showing the most likely chance of seeing wet weather in the he we are will vacations and snow to around 2,000 feet. as far as what will happen today the best chance of showers is along the coast through noon and the showers fade in the afternoon and evening hours. we will only make the upper 40's today and in the 30's and 20 tonight with a frosty start tomorrow morning can saturday morning. saturday we have a chance of showers that will link are --
5:36 am
linger through sunday morning. and this is showing us 580 westbound direction at castro valley boulevard, a car fire in the right hand lane. the traffic is very slow beyond the scene with emergency crews on the scene trying to get the car fire out. you will look at slow traffic in the westbound direction of 580 through castro valley moving over to 880. elsewhere, we have light traffic in san jose moving northbound 87 beyond h.p. pavilion no problems here and the pavilion will see activity with the sharks in action the next couple of weeks. the bay bridge toll plaza we have light conditions toward the san francisco side of things and no problems on the upper deck headed to the incline section. the drive out of the central valley now under the speed limit westbound moving up and over the
5:37 am
pass and, still, under 25 minutes. >> thank you. we are getting pretty excited because it is 5:38 and that means it is time, just moments away from the academy award nominations, the 85th year of the academy awards and seth macfarlane and emma stone will make the announce president liv- announce president live from beverly hills. so many good years and a lost historical movies. let's see what will happen. seth macfarlane. >> good morning. i am seth macfarlane, the host of the oscars. if you don't know who i am retend i am donny osmond, you will be fine. it is a great honor to announce the nominees. i am not sure why we don't wait
5:38 am
until noon because the only people up are having surgery or flying. i congratulate the nominees and those who were not nominated. you can stop doing interviews where you pretend you had a great time making the movie. here to help me out is the lovely and talented miss emma stone. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> emma stone is the star of "gangster squad" i am not sure "star" but star of the new film "gangster squad" and one of brightest talents of her generation. some say, she is better than meryl streep. >> who says that? >> a lot of people. no one. a lot of people. read the nominees.
5:39 am
>> the nominees will be read in particular order. >> best performance by an actor in supporting role, from django unchained and he has won before. and hoffman from "master." and robert deniro in "playbook." he has won before. and allen arkin and tommy lee jones in "lincoln." he has won before. >> breath of fresh air if that category. for best original song the nominees are "before my time" and "lullaby" from "life of pi." "suddenly" from les mis.
5:40 am
"everyone need as best friend" from "ted." and "sky fall" music and lyric by a deli. >> coolings i got nominated. i get to go to the oscars. >> the mtv awards gave michael jackson a lifetime achievement award so he would show up. i am not saying that is what is happening today...but...i kind of am. >> best performance by an actress in a supporting role are...sally field in "lincoln." anne hathaway in les mis and "jackie weaver" and "helen hunt" in "the sessions." and adams in "the master." you five ladies no longer have to be attracted to harvey
5:41 am
weinstein. >> best animated feature film the nominees are "the pirates "and "wreck it ralph" and para norman and "brave." >> best foreign language film nominees are "amore." "no." in canada, "war witch." from denmark, "a royal affair." and from norway "kontiki." >> i read amore was coproduced in austria and germany, the last time they coproduced something it was hitler but this is
5:42 am
better. highly recommend. highly recommend. >> for adapted screenplay we have obesity of -- " beast of the southern wild." and "silver lining playbook" and "life of pi." >> that means the writers copied from microsoft word and pasted it into final draft. >> best original screenplay the nominees are..."flight." "zero dark 30." "django unchained." "amore" and "moon rise kingdom." >> best achievement in
5:43 am
directing, "silver linings playbook." "life of pi." "lincoln." "amore." and beasts of the southern wild. these are final people who are very best at sitting to a chair and watching other people make a movie. >> the nominees for best performance by an actor in a leading role are daniel day lewis and denzel washington and hugh jackman and bradley cooper and phoenix in "the master." fund facts, denzel's character was as drunk as half of the people who are up at this hour. >> guilty. >> for best performance by an
5:44 am
actress, watts in "the impossible." jessica in "zero dark 30." jennifer lawrence, and emanuel in "amore." a. wallace in beasts of the southern wild. >> at 85, emanuel is the oldest in history of the oscars and the youngest is wallace, she is nine. >> finally, we pleased to announce the film selects at best picture if if -- for 2012 or beasts of the southern wild. and silver linings playbook. "zero dark 30." and "lincoln."
5:45 am
>> les mis." >> life of ppi. >> django unchained. and amore. >> and argo. with george clooney and ben affleck. >> argo has been nominated so you can unclench your teeth now. join us to find out who will take home the oscars. >> congratulations to all the nominees. >> there you have it. >> you saw "zero dark 30." >> i am still wait dog -- wait dog see it. >> and my kind of movie is les mis, a good, good round up. >> i am looking for the
5:46 am
helicopter in les mis. >> we will give you a full wrap of all the nominations coming up next hour and "good morning america" will have seth macfarlane and emma at 7:00 a.m. and seth macfarlane said you can see would actually wins on sunday, february 24, when the oscars are announced live only on abc7. you can follow abc7 on twitter at abc7 news. >> seth macfarlane is only the secretary to make the nomination and host the show. heston was the
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>> bay area drivers are warned of black ice and possible snow in the next few hours. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is like. what are you fining? >> kristen, we found snow. a light dusting. the tire tracks show you a good vision. you do not have to adjust the tv, that is snow sticking in the parking lot.
5:50 am
we came up from highway 9 and 35 as castlerock state park, i do not suggest you load up the kids there is not enough if a snow ball but watch it from the comfort of your living room and let us bring you the images. it is exciting to see snow in the bay area but it is only a light dusting. it did nut feel too dangerous but there is the threat of black ice and that is why cal tran has crews. we saw a huge truck pass by, sprinkling something on the road, it looks like gravel or sand to make sure you have a good grip. he also had a plow to shove accumulation out of way if this is some accumulate and the image right here is a little bit of snow falling in the bay area. it is gorgeous and exciting and if it accumulates or there is enough here if a snow ball we will let you know if you want to
5:51 am
come and play or avoid it but a lie -- light dusting so far. >> thank you, amy. that is what live doppler 7 hd shows. >> you could see the flurries. that is exciting. >> it is a light dusting. end the showers coming over it will bring a light dusting so could it accumulate 1 to 2". this will continue through noon and possibly 1:00 o'clock. we are just in the infant stage of this particular snow event in the santa cruz mountains. it is clear all the way do the bay and san mateo bridge. live doppler 7 hd shows a shower dropping flurries or light snow right there on the santa cruz and santa clara valley, rather,
5:52 am
santa clara county, and up to summit road. that is what we are seeing with live doppler 7 hd. we have more showers over the ocean continuing to slide to the southeast. that is why the santa cruz mountains are most likely to be clipped and it will produce lower elevation rain above 2,000 feet, above that snow. now, the rest of us, updated the numbers we are 32 in napa and santa rosa and livermore and frost developing outlying areas and 37 in san jose and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 40's. monterey bay is 36. and inland, 36 in gilroy and 46 in monterey for the warm spot. through the afternoon, you can see the instability the popcorn nature of the showers developing
5:53 am
over the ocean and the steering currents will bring them close to the coast and one or two will stray further inland but the further you are to the east the less likely you get a shower. at 7:00 you can see a trend developing where the showers are pushing toward the ocean and by noon we are starting to see a tapering of the shower chances and into the afternoon and evening hours and overnight we could see showers and over the ocean and the big story tomorrow morning is the freezing temperatures for everyone but san francisco and the chest. -- and the coast. that is how cold it will be tomorrow morning and saturday morning with a mix of high clouds and sun tomorrow. bay sure line frost advisory. low-to-mid 30's. today, we will be lucky to make it to the upper 40's to 50 degrees. a breeze out there so there will be a wind chill coming overnight
5:54 am
and bringing the freezing temperatures and watching a chance of scattered showers during the playoff game with the packers and the 49ers saturday evening. >> car fire in castro valley. we have traffic app and you can see the red line here, castro valley boulevard with a car fire blocking the right lane and traffic is backed all the way to the 580 and 680 dublin interchange so expect delays over the dublin area. this app is free on apple app store. and google play. we have a new accident west 580 ramp to 680 causing delays through pleasanton so before the altamont pass is tough, and 25 to 26 minutes there. a new accident north 101 in the
5:55 am
shows area you can see traffic is slowing in the northbound direction. bart and muni, everyone is running on time. bart could be a great way to get around the 580 jamup. and busy here on the east shore freeway moving westbound 80 into the macarthur maze where the bay bridge metering lights remain off. it is light traffic funneled to the toll plaza and make your way into san francisco and light conditions at 5:56. eric? >> we have heard of gar dogs but a man in castro valley is accused of using a guard "gator" to protect the marijuana stash and will appear in court today. the sheriff sent out this picture of a 5' long gator discovered dug a probation check on tuesday at the home of a man on probation and they found 34 pounds of marijuana. the suspect used the alligator,
5:56 am
"mr. teeth" to deter would be pot thieves. the gator is at the zoo. >> rain and, now, snow, and cold. all hitting the bay area this morning. here is live doppler 7 hd and meteorologist, mike nicco, will talk about the conditions for the morning commute and beyond. >> is your messy home getting between you and your significant other? it is a common complaint. our consumer reports and 7 on your si
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>> live from kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, we are tracking rain moving into the bay area as cold temperatures cause concern on the road and some snow. >> new developments on the tanker that sideswiped the bay bridge. investigators are trying to determine if radar gidding
5:59 am
equipment was working. >> with one day away from the debut of boeing 787 dreamliner but this morning questions of the plane's reliability persist. >> good thursday morning. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we have cold out there and a preview in the construction -- santa cruz mountains. >> snow is the big story accumulation possibly of 1 to 2" so advisory for the area shaded in white above 2,000 feet. it is not steady by waves of snow showers moving through and dropping a dusting of snow each time. you can see it there on the santa clara county and santa cruz county border but this time, to the south of where 236 and nine come together, you can see headed to the
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